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Software Engineer

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United States Remote2 weeks ago
480 employees
Contract to hire
  • .NET
  • Visual C#
  • Windows Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Server
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Bianca Perez-Rubio
Recruitment Professional
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About the job

One of Esteemed's mission-driven partners is seeking an Integration/Software Engineer. 

  1. Act as an individual contributor, collaborate with & assist the scrum master, perform code reviews & identify areas of improvement.
  2. Stay focused on continuous delivery with quality. Provide feedback & take corrective actions. Provide technical guidance to the team.
  3. Assist in onboarding new developers, review & provide feedback on coding standards and practices.
  4. Ensure the team is focused on delivering value writing quality software & unit tests.
  5. Collaborate & ensure knowledge transfer to support teams as software/features get released.
  6. Create, enhance, and ensure documentation maintenance.
  7. Engage with other leads, identify overlapping areas, and manage inter-team dependencies such as code areas, Database design, environments & pipelines.
  8. Assist architects in driving high-level architecture in preparation for PI planning, and provide feedback on alternative solution design approaches.
  9. Design and implement integration solutions. Engage with the architecture team & create low-level artifacts for building common team understanding. 
  10. Comfortable writing advanced TSQL queries, data mappings, stored procedures, and creating low-level ER DB design.
  11. Collaborate with the DevOps team and identify any patterns causing roadblocks & provide feedback on recurring problems and make recommendations for improvements.
  12. Act as an agent in enhancing the code promotion process & provide feedback on enhancements to ensure continuous software delivery with quality.
  13. Create deployment plans, perform releases & ensure successful execution with Devops to higher environments.
  14. Act as a guard between the Product and development team towards intake of the work, ensuring the requirements are adequately defined for developers.
  15. Assist in feature prioritization, user story creation & defining acceptance criteria.
  16. Assist with backlog reviews, refinement meetings, and identify bottlenecks & dependencies.
  17. Set and revise expectations based on increasing workload and unplanned incidents.
  18. Keep abreast of software development trends & make recommendations for adaptation. Provide feedback & recommendations on productivity tools procurement.
  19. Demonstrate a higher degree of professionalism in communication, stay composed in strenuous situations & maintain a problem-solving approach.


  1. At least 5-7 years of experience with objected oriented programming and design patterns,
  2. Backend development experience with .Net Core, C#, SSIS or Azure Data Factory, TSQL,
  3. Experience working in any middleware platform like Biztalk, TIBCO, or Mulesoft is a strong plus  
  4. Multithreaded programming paradigm & understanding of .Net Core objects & services that support multithreading.
  5. Relational database design and experience with writing complex SQL queries, preferably TSQL
  6. Knowledge of API development, documentation, versioning, security, and load/performance testing. Web-based security and the ability to practically apply security mechanisms such as OAuth2
  7. Securely work with file systems, read/write to files programmatically supporting various formats.
  8. Knowledge of interpreting and creating UML diagrams is strongly preferred.
  9. Solid understanding of dependency injection, application, and repository pattern
  10. Excellent understanding of source control, branching strategies, code merge, Git, GitHub, Git Flow, and Azure DevOps
  11. Knowledge of CI\CD pipeline process, automated testing, and deployment methodologies for code and database changes.
  12. Knowledge of the SOLID design principles, N-tier, and N-layered architecture, MVC Git, GitHub, TFS, Azure services, Visual Studio and Active Directory.
.NET, Visual C#, Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Server