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Senior Drupal Developer

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United States Remote4 weeks ago
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Bianca Perez-Rubio
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About the job

Role Overview:

One of Esteemed's agency clients is seeking a Senior Drupal Developer.

No C2C

A senior-level Drupal developer who can work mostly autonomously with primarily high-level oversight and direction. The main task is to develop a gating system/module for content access control.


  1. Gating System Development:
    • Develop a flexible and extensible gating system for content access control.
    • Implement validation checks against third-party services.
  2. Configuration Management:
    • Ensure the gating system is configurable per site on an Acquia Cloud Site Factory instance.
    • Maintain configuration state across code deployments and configuration imports.
  3. Autonomous Execution:
    • Work independently with technical oversight.
    • Provide regular progress updates to project stakeholders.
  4. Code Quality and Documentation:
    • Write clean, well-documented code adhering to Drupal coding standards.
    • Create detailed and comprehensive documentation for setting up, configuring, and extending the gating system.

Required Skills and Experience:

  1. Drupal Expertise:
    • Extensive experience with developing Drupal, particularly custom module development.
    • Proficiency with Drupal’s services, dependency injection, and hook system.
  2. Technical Skills:
    • Strong knowledge of PHP, MySQL, and Drupal’s API.
    • Experience with third-party API integrations and validation processes.
    • Experience with Drush and command-line tools.
  3. Configuration Management:
    • Familiarity with Acquia Cloud Site Factory and multisite configurations.
    • Experience with configuration management and deployment processes in Drupal.
  4. Problem Solving:
    • Ability to design and implement flexible and scalable solutions.
    • Analytical and debugging skills.