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Drupal Architect

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United States Remote1 month ago
1000 employees
Additional Skills:
  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership
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Bianca Perez-Rubio
Recruitment Professional
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About the job

One of Esteemed's clients is seeking an experienced Drupal Technical Architect and Coach for a long-term contract engagement!

In this role, you would be DevOps-centric, contributing personally when needed to PRs and deployments, but most importantly, clearing hurdles and coaching/mentoring a team of developers, QAs, PMs, and BAs as well. The right candidate has a blend of technical aptitude with an ability to roll up their sleeves, and a team-first leadership attitude. They are not afraid to take charge and be decisive, providing guidance, feedback, and coaching to the team, while also respecting an existing process that doesn't need fixing for the sake of fixing.

Enterprise-experienced, system-oriented candidates are a must.

Tech Stack: Drupal 10, React, Decoupled. GraphQL, Typescript.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Intake of New Requests:
    • Work with PM to figure out what Developer (based on skill etc.) might be a good fit for what Ask
  • Initial Initiation | Consultation:
    • Answer any high level design considerations around new asks that may not have been approved yet.
  • Requirements
    • Help Refine Level of Effort
    • Take the Lead on Solution Design (High Level)
    • Capture Technical (Non Functional) Requirements
    • Review Requirements and Flag Any Risks
  • Design
    • Present or Co-Present in Solutioning
    • Present and Get Architectural Approval
    • Support Compliance Approval by Presence
    • Define Solution at Developer-Ready Level of Detail
    • Break Down Work Needed into Developer-Ready Tasks
    • Lead any Technical Spikes
    • Coach | Ramp up Dev Team on Requirements and Design, ensuring Compliance with established patterns etc.
  • Development
    • Ensure Developers are Unblocked
    • Ensure Developers are meeting technical expectations such as code quality or documentation or reusability (via PRs but also individual coaching)
    • Establish and Implement Developer Hygiene and Best Practices
  • Testing
    • Ensure Developers are Unblocked
    • Serve as Point of Technical Triage to Identify Right Developer (or Sub Team) to Assign Issue To
  • Implementation
    • Present Changes in CCB (at a minimum, support Presentation of Changes in CCB)
    • Prep and Deploy Changes
    • Accountable for Implementation and Rollback Plan
    • Work with PM to figure out if we need to Rollback
    • Immediate Goals:
      • KT & Observe Team Process & Performance
      • Identify areas of improvement for day to day development process:
        • PRs and Merges
        • Deployment Process
        • Pipeline (any automation opportunities)
        • Long Term and Joint Goals:
          • Documentation
            • To help the team increase knowledge sharing
            • Identify basic processes/structure for Confluence
          • Help the team towards DevOps Principles¬†
            • Software Delivery Performance
            • Deliver Business Value aka Organizational Performance
            • Joyful Workflow aka Well-Being
              • Culture
              • Knowledge Sharing
              • Continuous Improvement